Experienced Advice In Family Law

Family issues can involve your children, your finances and the laws of Alaska. Obtaining timely legal advice can help you Family Lawavoid costly consequences.

I am Fred H. Valdez, a lawyer in Anchorage, Alaska. I provide unbundled family law services, meaning that you can call me for advice without paying a large retainer.

  • Divorce: I can help you navigate the Alaska divorce process, while protecting your interests.
  • Division of marital property: I can help you achieve an equitable division of marital property, including 401(k) accounts, real estate and other assets.
  • Domestic partnerships: An increasing number of couples choose to live together without getting married. I can help you with domestic partnership agreements and dissolution.
  • Child custody and visitation: I can help you negotiate a child custody and visitation arrangement that will protect the best interests of your children.
  • Child support: I can answer your questions about child support payments and help you with issues such as enforcement and modifications of support orders.
  • Domestic violence: Whether you are a victim of domestic violence or were accused of abuse, I can advise you about issues such as protective orders and criminal charges.
  • Paternity: I can assist you with the legal process of establishing paternity of a child born outside of marriage for purposes of obtaining child support or visitation rights.
  • Same-sex partnerships: Same-sex couples in Alaska have had the right to marry since Oct. 12, 2014. I advise same-sex partners on a variety of legal issues, including dissolution of same-sex marriages.
  • Adoption: I handle all types of adoptions, including stepparent, grandparent and family member adoption. I can also advise you about adoptions under the Indian Child Welfare Act.
  • Guardianships: If you need to become a guardian of an incapacitated parent or an adult disabled child, I can help you with the legal process.

My advice is never more than a phone call away.

To Schedule An Attorney Consultation

To discuss your family law issue with me, call 907-274-5000 to schedule a consultation. I serve clients in Anchorage and throughout Alaska, including the coastal communities, the panhandle and the interior.