As an attorney adoptions are my favorite area of law. Each adoption, whether it’s a step-parent adoption, or an adoption into a totally new family is a time of new beginnings for all involved, the child or children being adopted, and the new adoptive parent or parents. I also realize that many times, it is an emotional situation for the biological parents.

I guide and provide legal assistance with the adoption process, whatever your role in that process. This ensures that your adoption complies with both state law, and federal law, if the child is from an Alaska Native or American Indian family.

Many adoptions are non-contested. That is all the parties involved agree to the adoption. Even in this situation all of the legal requirements must be met. Some adoptions are contested in that one or more of the parties are opposed to the adoption. These cases involve not just meeting the legal requirements, but also presenting a factual basis to support the adoption and the court’s determination that the adoption should be granted.

My goal is to ensure that once the adoption is complete and a Decree of Adoption has been entered that the joy of a new family is not marred by future legal challenges to the legitimacy of the adoption.